Pleven Friendship Marathon, 19 May 2024



Pleven Marathon of Friendship is looking for volunteers

Бойка Арсова, доброволци

They should be at least 16 years old and there is no upper age limit. Their tasks will be related to helping the racers during the marathon, directing them to the marathon route, and alerting the pedestrians to free the route in case they are crossing. Some of them will be located at ‘support points’, providing water and food to the competitors, supplied by the sponsors of the marathon.

The volunteers’ role and responsibility is huge, since they are the ones taking care of racers’ health and safety.

Плевен маратон, доброволци

Each volunteer will receive a food package, water, a volunteer T-shirt, as well as a signal whistle for warning the pedestrians.

The number of volunteers is over 100, so everyone willing to take part of the event, would have this opportunity.
People can get more information and apply on:, tel. + 359 888979562.

If you’re not a runner, but you’re interested in taking part in sport charity events, apply as a volunteer.

Плевен маратон, доброволци

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