Pleven Friendship Marathon, 19 May 2024

Race Day Calendar


7:00 – 8:00​

Race kits’ delivery against ID (in the Children’s Center).

8:00 – 8:30

Drop-off of personal energy product (in the Children’s Center).


Opening ceremony - Pleven Main Square. Greetings from organizers and official guests.


Start of the marathon and half-marathon.


Start of 10.55 km and relay 2x10.55 km.


3 km mass cross “I can” start.


Start of Fun Run Kids. First start kids in the 6-7Y age group, then ones in the 8-9Y age group followed by the ones in the 10-12 age group.


Start of the special cross, supporting diversity and inclusion of people with different abilities with BAPID.


Park + in the green areas around the start and stage: yoga, badminton, volleyball, etc. Sports demonstrations with sports clubs, cultural and musical program on stage.


Award ceremony for the winners in the Fun Run Kids, marathon, marathon masters, half-marathon, relay, 10k and mass cross.


Photos of participants on the stage.

Refreshment and water points

Marked on the course map:

  • Refreshment points (with water, electrolytes, fruits, chocolate, resins, salty snacks, cheese, etc.);
  • Water points.


Personal beverages and energy products

Personal beverages and energy products shall be delivered to the organizers on the day of the race Sunday, 19 May from 8.00 to 8.20 am at the marathon office in the Children’s Center. They shall be well marked with your race number.

Medical point and ambulance

Located at the Start/Finish zone.

In case of need of medical assistance during the race please inform some of the volunteers on the course who will take care of you.

Contacts during the race

In case of need please contact the organizers, judges, volunteers.

Good luck, everyone!

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