Pleven Friendship Marathon, 19 May 2024

Rules and conditions 


Participants should be at the age 18 years or more at the day of the race.

Participants at the age of 14 years or more can register for 10k and relay after presentation of a signed Declaration for responsibility of a parent or custodian and paid registration fee.

Paid registration fee.

ID availability upon receipt of the race kit.

Duly signed Declaration for assuming personal responsibility for participation in the competition, including valid and appropriate health status. The organizers are not responsible in case of an accident or injury to the athlete during her/his participation in the competition.

The participants in marathon, half-marathon, 10k and relay declare that their state of health allows to participate in the competition and take personal responsibility for the emergence of health problems during the competition. With the registration itself in the event, the participant declares its consent to discharge the organizers of responsibility. For minors the declaration shall be signed by parent/guardian/custodian.

Signed declarations must be provided upon receipt of the race kits. Empty forms will be available on site although it is highly recommendable to fill them in in advance.

Declaration for discharge of responsibility – PDF file for download.

Declaration by the parent/guardian of a minor (up to 18 years old) – PDF file for download.

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