Pleven Friendship Marathon, 19 May 2024


Pleven Marathon 2020 with new disciplines and adapted for disabled participants

“We run in Pleven for an accessible city” is the slogan of the 7th issue of the Pleven marathon which will take place on May 17th. The event, which turned into the most significant competition in the region, asserted its name of „Marathon of Friendship“ by accommodating more than 650 participants from 11 countries last year alone. This year’s issue aims to bring even more friends over by opening a course for participants with disabilities, announcing a new competition discipline and giving even more opportunities for participation and prizes for the youngest – children.

The early registration process for one of the most attractive running competitions in the country has already started, while the organizers from “Eyes Open” announced this year’s charity cause. It is focused on people with disabilities. They are an integral part of our community with equal rights. The funds raised will be used to adapt Pleven city infrastructure to their needs. The official charity partner is Jamba, а non-governmental organization whose main mission is to support people with different disabilities in Bulgaria.

Another interesting novelty this year is the chance for participating in the 10km distance run which is already gaining massive popularity among beginners. This way there are 6 major disciplines at the event such as a classic marathon (42,2 km), half-marathon (21,1 km), a relay race (2×21,1 km), 10km, marathon for children with various distances based on the children’s age group, as well as 3-kilometers free of charge urban cross ‘I can’. The variety of disciplines and distances gives an opportunity to each person and family to find their own challenge in Pleven, and also encourages the active lifestyle in more and more people.

Pleven Friendship Marathon 2020 is an extremely attractive event not only because of the variety of disciplines but also because of the specifics of the course which is suited for beginners too. The route is relatively straight, with no serious ascents and descents, and having only a few turns. It goes through the city center and the main landmarks in and around Pleven among which Kailaka park and the historical bridge near the village of Yassen.

Each and every year the Pleven marathon extends a special invitation to the children and students audiences. The free various distanced races on the city square, tailored for the different children’s age groups, are specially organized for the youngest running enthusiasts. To further motivate the children, the organizers announced that his year’s price pool also has a bike that will be won through a raffle by one of the youngest participants. In addition to the youngest, the event also invites the veterans. This year, all people over the age of 60 will be able to participate for free, and there is a special prize fund for them with cash incentives for the fastest participants in the 42km distance. There will also be prizes for the participants that are running the marathon for the first time.

‘The Pleven marathon is more than a sports race. It is a place for positive personal and group experiences, as well as an engine for building an active, constructive and healthy society’ – says Stanislav Georgiev – the main organizer of the Pleven marathon.

The registration for the marathon has already started on the marathon website and there are early bird prices. For all children, veterans (over the age of 60), as well as the participants of the 3-kilometer urban cross, the participation is free of charge.

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