Pleven Friendship Marathon, 23 May 2021



Pleven Marathon of Friendship is looking for volunteers

Бойка Арсова, доброволци

They should be at least 16 years old and there is no upper age limit. Their tasks will be related to helping the racers during the marathon, directing them to the marathon route, and alerting the pedestrians to free the route in case they are crossing. Some of them will be located at ‘support points’, providing water and food to the competitors, supplied by the sponsors of the marathon.

The volunteers’ role and responsibility is huge, since they are the ones taking care of racers’ health and safety.

Плевен маратон, доброволци

Each volunteer will receive a food package, water, a volunteer T-shirt, as well as a signal whistle for warning the pedestrians.

The number of volunteers is over 100, so everyone willing to take part of the event, would have this opportunity.
People can get more information and apply on:, tel. + 359 888979562.

If you’re not a runner, but you’re interested in taking part in sport charity events, apply as a volunteer.

Плевен маратон, доброволци

Over 60 students from Varna are going to the Pleven Marathon 2017

63 students of the International French School in Varna are taking part in “Pleven Marathon 2017”. They have already signed up for the 21.1 km semi-marathon relay within the marathon.

The students paid symbolic participation fees thanks to the event organizers – “Eyes open” and Club “Begach” who made it possible. This is a way sport to be promoted as a lifestyle amongst the young people.

Над 60 ученици от Варна на "Плевен Маратон 2017"

The students of the French school in Varna already have experience in sport events. They have participated in a marathon in Morocco.
The International French School in Varna has been found in 2009 thanks to the initiative of parents who wanted their children to study by the French education system. With the support of the French secular mission, the French authorities, and businesses in Varna and the region, the school is growing rapidly.

Над 60 ученици от Варна на "Плевен Маратон 2017"

“The purpose of the semi-marathon project is to create links between school subjects: science, health, sport, mathematics (distance, speed), geography. We also want our students to participate in important events in their country. We want them to know the effort and the pride of a successful project that is built over several months. We hope that they will cooperate, help each other, get motivated and see that they CAN!” – says the Director of the French school regarding the students’ participation in the marathon.

This is the second organized participation of students in the “Pleven Marathon”. Students from the Cambridge Romanian English School and the Sports School in Pleven took part in its first edition.

Над 60 ученици от Варна на "Плевен Маратон 2017"

1st Edition of Pleven Friendship Marathon is complete!

The first edition of Pleven Marathon is complete! Over 200 runners over 15 countries and happy organisers and sponsors. See you in 2015! Meanwhile check the gallery from the event.

Race Day Information

We’re ready for start. Please make sure you read all the race-day info.

Electronic registration is complete, to register on spot you must go to the locations on this page.

Organised bus Sofia-Pleven-Sofia leaves Sofia on Saturday 9 AM and goes back on Sunday from 5 PM. All runners should have received bus info on their emails.

We have your medals. Now come and finish the race.

Времето минава и всичко си идва на мястото. Получихме медалите, BIB номерата и се взираме в календара в очакване на големия ден!

Можем да ви обещаем, отлично трасе, добра атмосфера, участие в кауза която си заслужава и медал с който да се хвалите!


We have your medals. Now come and finish the race!

The clock is ticking and everything is falling into its place. We have got the medals, the BIB numbers and we are staring in the calendar and waiting for the big day!

What we can promise you is a great track, good atmosphere, participation in a worthy cause and a great medal to brag afterwards!



Get ready

You want to take part in the event, however you are not sure how to get ready?
This is an easy way to get your program set:  My Asics

My Asics will offer you schedule, according to your fitness level and your personal daily program. You will have the opportunity to account your runs and monitor your progress.

We cover all distances


Many people ask us about the distances, and we cover all:

  • 3km city run
  • Relay 2×10 km for 2 people
  • half marathon 21.1 km
  • full marathon – 42.2 км

Don’t forget to register!

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