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557202_648306185187737_569112592_nStanislav Georgiev, 53, active runner and triathlonist. He has more than 30 marathons, trails, ultra-marathons and triathlon races around the world on his account. Stan is two times finisher of the 1000km Balkan Charity challenge and and Iron Man (a triathlon format including 3.8km swimming, 180.2km biking and 42.2km running). Stan is a high mountain climber reaching as far as 7,130m altitude and going further. He is co-founder of Begach Running Club and organizer of sport events, including Pleven Marathon and 1000km Balkan Charity Challenge. His personal mission is to develop of the mass running and charity culture through sport.

62301_10151505790286491_1229606628_nElenko Elenkov is the chairperson of Begach Running Club. He manages sponsor relations in the club, day to day operation and the club’s online presence. He ran in Paris, New York, Stockholm, Berlin and tens of other marathons and one ultra. He climbed Mont Blanc and Ararat peak.


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