Pleven Friendship Marathon, 23 May 2021

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Congratulations from Eric Rubin, U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria

“Congratulations to all of you – and especially to the children runners – for participating in the Pleven Friendship Marathon. Unfortunately, I am not able to join you in person, but I want to send you my warmest regards, and to thank you for joining today’s run. Sports events like these promote physical fitness, but they also build community and create new friendships. Thank you to Begach for your hard work in organizing today’s marathon, and for the great support from the Pleven Municipality and all of the other sponsors, organizers and volunteers. I wish you all the best.”
– Eric Rubin, U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria

Friendship marathon “Pleven” 2019 is greener than ever

In a bid to reduce our ecological impact, starting from this year we are reducing single-use plastics for the event. We will replace plastic cups at the aid stations with ones made from biodegradable materials. Again at the aid stations, you will be offered scoops of tasty Bulgarian honey by TeAmo for a quick power boost using eco-friendly wooden spoons.

We strongly encourage all runners to avoid single-use plastic bottles and cups. Please use our biodegradable ones or bring your own reusable bottles.

We only have one planet, let’s try keeping it clean!

Free Pleven Panorama history tour

This welcoming gesture for out-of-town visitors will mark another first during the 2019 Friendship Marathon “Pleven”. On the 18th of May (Saturday, a day before the race) event participants and their families and friends will be able to go on a free tour of the Panorama – one of Plevens’ landmarks.

It reveals events from nearly 150 years ago – the battle for Pleven – and offers a great chance to dive into the towns’ history. It’s open for visitors between 14:00 and 17:00 and can be reached by shuttle starting at the Kid’s center (where the start packages are given). The shuttle buses will depart at 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00. The return trip is by foot – a short hike through the beautiful Skobelev Park, situated on a hill above Pleven and offering scenic views of the city.

E-bike giveaway during the Friendship Marathon “Pleven”

The sixth Pleven marathon will offer beginner runners extra motivation thanks to a special new challenge. It’s called “My first marathon” and it’s intent is to encourage people to get serious about running and finish the marathon length of the event (42.2km).

If the sense of achievement that awaits at the finish line is not enough by itself, this time there will be some extra reasons to run in the form of an award fund. The top prizes will be a couple of e-bikes built by Bulgarian manufacturer Eljoy.

One of the Tempo bikes will go to a first-time marathon runner and the second one will go to somebody else drawn at random. To enter, beginner runners should confirm upon registration that this is their first marathon.


Honey refreshment

This year, the long-distance runners of the Pleven Marathon 2019 will be able to refresh themselves with the natural carbohydrates of the Teamo honey.

Teamo is a 100% natural Bulgarian honey.

Contestants between the age of 4 and 82 participated in the Pleven Marathon 2018

More than 500 participants from 3 continents took part in the fifth edition of the competition

The fifth edition of the Pleven Marathon was held on May, 20, in sunny weather and near summer temperatures. The competition once again stood up to its name “Friendship Marathon”, attracting more than 500 participants from 13 countries located on 3 continents – Nepal, Russia, the United States, Great Britain, Romania, Spain, France, Germany, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and of course – Bulgaria.

The event was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Pleven – Milen Yankov, Tracey Calhoun of the US Embassy and the main organizer of the marathon – Stanislav Georgiev from “Eyes Open”. At the base of the city square, between the mausoleum and the renovated fountains, the stage, and the partners’ stands were located. The contestants participated in the following disciplines: a classical marathon (42.2 km), half-marathon (21.1 km), relay (2×10 km), “I can!” 3 kilometer urban crossing, and a children’s marathon in three age groups. The majority of runners competed in the long distance disciplines, and around 240 people crossed the finish line. In the urban cross almost 100 people and a record number of the youngest took part in the children’s marathon – 170. Students from “Vasil Levski” Primary School and players from the “Spartak” Pleven basketball club formed a majority of the youngest contestants.

Beside the diversity of foreign attendees, people of various age groups and different running experience took part in the event – between the age of 4 and 82. The oldest contestant, Hristo, ran the 3-kilometer free of charge marathon. 71 years old Swiss was the oldest to take part in the long distances discipline – the 21, 1 km half-marathon. Taking part in the event once again, another veteran – Boyka Arsova, aged 67, ran the 42,2 km marathon track.

A special ceremony was held in the city square, and the fastest contestants in the various disciplines were awarded, thanks to the partners of the event, who provided not only prizes, but a total prize pool of 7000 BGN. Dimcho Mitsov, ranked first in the 42,2 marathon run the distance for 2:36:07. Dimcho was the winner of the marathon in 2016 as well, and ranked second last year. His runner-up this year became Miroslav Spasov (2:41:01), and ranked third was the Englishman Nathan Flair. Radosveta Simeonova (2:54:15) finished first among the ladies in the marathon, achieving the third best time in the overall standings. Tanya Dimitrova (3:10:30) crossed the finish line shortly after earning her a second consecutive silver medal from Pleven. Third place was taken by Violeta Toteva (3:22:41).

In the 21,1 km half-marathon discipline Ivo Balabanov was ranked first (1:11:50), followed by Deyan Atanasov (1:13:54) and Ivaylo Valchev (1:19:21). Among the ladies the top 3 competitors were Dilyana Minkina (1:20:55), Simona Nedelcheva (1:30:04), and Anastasiya Peycheva (1:30:10).

The relay 2 x 10km was one of the most attractive disciplines this year. The fastest running pair was Ivo Iliev and Kristiyan Velkov. The tandem of Kenan Sali and Georgi Lyubenov finished second, and the third place was won by Emil Borisov and Milen Yordanov. Full rankings in the key disciplines can be found on the official website of the event –

Beside the rich variety of contestants, this year’s edition of the Pleven Marathon of Friendship offered innovation and improvements that made the experience of the runners and their close ones more pleasant. “We always try to consider the opinion of the contestants, as well as our guests, so we can improve and develop the event further. This year, for instance, a red carpet awaited everyone who made it to the finish line. Most importantly, more children took part – they are the future marathon runners. We also attracted many of the elderly, for whom we provided a free of charge registration, but also additional prize pool. These are the small things, motivating more and more people.”- explaines Stanislav Georgiev from “Eyes Open”.

The Marathon was organized by “Eyes Open”, “Begach” Sports Club, Bulgarian Athletics Federation and Pleven Municipality. It was held with the kind support of the US Embassy, Tr.Art Food Company, Deloitte Bulgaria, VivaCom, SportPass, Palfinger, Metro Cash & Carry, BMW branded Via Intercar, and Asics.

Pleven marathon with a prize fund of 7000 BGN

On the 20th of May, 2018 (Sunday), for the fifth consecutive year, the biggest local sporting event – Pleven Marathon of Friendship 2018, will be held. This year’s total prize pool will be even more attractive, as the estimated cash prizes are totalling 7,000 BGN. They are divided into various categories between the disciplines Marathon (42.2 km) and Half-marathon (21.1 km). The distribution is as follows:
“Men” category, “Marathon” discipline (42,2 km):
– first place – 1000 BGN
– second place – 600 BGN
– third place – 300 BGN
“Men” category, “Halfmarathon” discipline (21,1 km):
– first place – 700 BGN
– second place – 400 BGN
– third place – 200 BGN
“Women” category, “Marathon” discipline (42,2 km):
– first place – 1000 BGN
– second place – 600 BGN
– third place – 300 BGN
“Women” category, “Halfmarathon” discipline (21,1 km):
– first place – 700 BGN
– second place – 400 BGN
– third place – 200 BGN
The oldest
For the first time this year, cash prizes are also provided for the “Veteran” category – people over the age of 50. The prizes for this category amount to 600 leva, distributed as follows:
“Men-Veteran” category, “Marathon” discipline (42,2 km):
– first place – 150 BGN
– second place – 100 BGN
– third place – 50 BGN
“Women-Veteran” category, “Marathon” discipline (42,2 km):
– first place – 150 BGN
– second place – 100 BGN
– third place – 50 BGN
* For all people over the age of 60, the registration for the event is free of charge.
BMW bikes
Two BMW bikes (provided by M Car Pleven) will be drown by the end of the award ceremony at 14:00 on 20st May. All registered finishers of the marathon, the semi-marathon, and the relay race will be included in the lot. The winners will be asked to show their marathon number.

Pleven Marathon 2018 running hats

The Pleven Marathon 2018 will surprise you in a nice and colorful way!

Each participant in the competition will receive one of these running hats made by “ASICS”.

If you haven’t chosen your discipline yet, hurry!

Pleven Marathon 2017 – The movie

Here is the movie of the 4th Pleven Friendship Marathon:

We wish you success in achiving your goals.

We will open the registration for 2018 soon!

Pleven Marathon of friendship – larger and more colourful!

550 participants from 21 countries took part in the fourth competition edition

With a record number of participants, beautiful sunny weather and exciting emotions, the fourth Pleven Marathon of friendship took place in the beautiful northwestern Bulgarian town on the 21st of May. More than 550 runners at different ages from 21 countries have gathered last Sunday at the key start zone in the city center to test their strength and racing spirit in the classical 42.2 km marathon, half marathon of 21.1 km, 2 x 10 km relay race, 3 km “I Can!” urban crossing, and a children marathon in three age groups, proving that the active lifestyle and sports are becoming more and more popular among the youngest.

The Kenyan Augusus Kipkulei Kiprono was ranked first of all men, with a time of 2:30:04 in the 42,2 discipline. He managed to break last year’s champion record, set by Dimcho Mitsov, who won second place with a time of 2:36:34. The third place has been won by Iliya Kutsov with a time of 2:41:59.

First of all women is the 18-year-old Gabriela Krasimirova (03:09:02), the second place has been won by Tanya Dimitrova, who has run the distance for 3:12:02, and Violeta Toteva – ranked third with a time of 3:12:08.

Yolo Nikolov is the winner in the half-marathon, who has run the distance for 1:11:23, second, and third place were for Shaban Mustafa (1:11:23) and Ivaylo Kamenarov (1:14:03), respectively. The non-winning champion of the ladies in this discipline for the third consecutive year is Militsa Mircheva, who registered the time of 1:11:22, thus improving her score in 2016 with one minute. Radosveta Simeonova grabbed the second place in the half marathon, and third finished Anita Krasteva (1:30:05).

The winner of the relay race became the tandem partners Georgi and Tencho Zhekovi, who have run the distance with a total time of 1:20:31.

The fastest and the most impressive participants have won medals and awards, provided by the kind partners of the event. Special prizes were given to the oldes,t and the youngest participants of Pleven Marathon of friendship. The 66-year-old Boyka Arsova, and Alan Chase, born in 1948, have been applauded for their great enthusiasm despite their age, while the young Velizara Yancheva and Kiril Yanchev proved to be the youngest athletes in the 3 km cross.

This year’s Pleven Marathon unmistakably strengthened the objectives of the event: promoting an active lifestyle, attracting professional and non-professional athletes from all over world to the regional northwest city, and promoting it as an attractive sports hub.

The organizers of the Pleven Marathon – “Begach” club, Eyes-Open, and Pleven Municipality, respected the tradition of promoting charity through sport for improving the social conditions and enriching the urban environment in Pleven.

“The cause of the race this year is the building of bike, roller skating, and a skateboard ramp in the city. Just a few days ago we opened the biggest outdoor gym in Pleven, built with funds of the fundraising campaign in last year’s third edition of Pleven Marathon” – said the chairman of “Begach” club and organizer of the event Stanislav Georgiev.

“Anyone who wants to contribute to the current cause can do so by buying a branded t-shirt at the marathon “ – he explained.

Full rankings in the main disciplines – marathon (42km), half-marathon (21km), relay race (2×10,5km) can be found on the official marathon website

In its fourth edition, the biggest competition in the region has more than ever confirmed its name “Marathon of Friendship” by welcoming participants from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Burkina Faso, Italy, Nepal, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Great Britain, USA, France, Macedonia, Japan, Turkey, Ukraine and Kenya.

The efforts of the organizers do not stop with the end of Marathon Pleven 2017. There is already active preparation for the next fifth edition, with the aim of even better organization, hospitality and new sports achievements.

“Begach” club, Eyes-Open, and Pleven Municipality thanked for the kind support and great prizes, provided by the partners Tr.Art Food Company, Deloitte, Spetema, BMW branded M Car Pleven, Kaufland and Vivacom. Partners are also Running Zone, Scala, Pepsi, Easy Credit, Stanimira Chocolate House, Right Rental, Avis Medica, 7Ins, and BFLA.

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